Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Marsha, Marsha...Marsha!

Marsha, Marsha...Marsha!
Why am I jumping for joy shouting the name Marsha?  I’ll tell you why!  After my abusive relationship with my Omnipod Scotty ended yesterday I have added a new friend to my team of diabetes technology.  Her name is Marsha and she is an Animas One Touch Ping.  I got started using ContactD infusion sets with 43” tubing and it is absolutely perfect.  The kinking, stinging, blocking of insulin and pod failure days are over...for the most part!

My trainer did a fantastic job getting me up to speed on all the ins and outs of a One Touch Ping and even though it’s been 24 hours I feel like a pro, or at least someone who isn’t panicking anymore.  It’s a little new and different but things I thought I would have trouble with like sleeping or getting into my awkward ballet stretches are not a problem.  I actually try bumping my hip into things to see if it’ll hurt, which is never does.  
Hooray Animas, what a job well done!  
For those who are wondering, I hadn’t been with Omnipod for my 4 years but if you don’t like your pump and really want to change before your warranty is out you can reverse your claim and switch.  Sometimes you need a note from your doctor too.  Just call your insurance to see first.  So, moral of the story is; if you are in pain or suffering you have the power to switch, it is possible!

So why the name Marsha?  And why isn’t it spelt Marcia?  As anyone who knows me knows that I have a severe affinity for candy.  Not all the time of course, but if I had my way I would reside in Candyland and never leave. The name Scotty came to me because I thought my pods looked like scotch mints.  I happened to see pink marshmallows in the store a week ago and the color reminded me of my new Ping.  Hence, the name Marsha was born.  I also happen to love the Brady Bunch and if you catch me on a good day I can do a pretty authentic Marcia Brady impression.  

PS: One more Vlog is coming up this week before I take a break and head to Ireland for Christmas.  Stay posted, it’ll be always is!
-Exit Stage Left


  1. I was searching for pics of pink Pings and stumbled upon your blog. Hooray for MARSHA! Love the origin of her name!

    Love my daughter's Ping. We're total BFFs :)

  2. Hi Catherine,
    I too stumbled upon your blog while searing for the ping. I am meeting with my trainer today to start using it :) I can't wait. I'm actually going from a Deltec Cozmo (which i hate) to this ping. I'm so happy to hear that you love it so much (it gives me hope). I hope it continues to do well for you.


  3. Hi Wendy and Mechelle! Thanks for finding my blog!

    I'm so happy that you both are enjoying your Pings as much as I am. So far it's been a month and Marsha is doing just fine!