Saturday, August 25, 2012

You CAN dance en pointe

I've had several dancers emailing me telling me that as diabetics they were told that they weren't allowed to dance en pointe.  What do I have to say to that?  They were misinformed!  Of course you can dance en pointe.  There are many dancers including myself that have danced en pointe and still have healthy feet.  Zippora Karz for one of them!  So there you go, living proof!

The one disclaimer I have is that if your A1C is out of control it probably is best to wait until it's a bit lower before you pull those pointe shoes on.  The reason I say this is that pointe work beats up your feet...a lot.   You want to give your skin the best fighting chance to heal from all the abuse.  So the better your A1C, the better your feet will feel and the better your pointe work will be!  

Typical ballerina feet, take good care of them!
So eat healthy, keep active, watch your A1C, keep a close eye on your feet and tie those ribbons!

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Feeling a little Famous

Hey everyone!

Since the fall in now underway I can finally share my dance company's website.  It has performance information for all our upcoming shows, plus lots of pretty pictures of modern dance at its finest.
It's just been updated and I am now finally on it!  Yay!
...just feeling a little famous at the moment...

Sanspointe Dance Company

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PS: I am still working on my Dexcom video, I haven't forgotten :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Diabetes Gadgets Videos: Part 1

Hey everyone!

I've been getting lots of questions related to pumping and dancing (and sparkles) and I think it would be great to share them with the world!  

So as promised, I present to you Part 1 of my 2 part video series about diabetes gadgets.  Part one is about pumping and part 2 will be an explanation on how to insert a dexcom sensor in your arm, by yourself with no headaches!  Stay tuned!

Also, I talk about Groovy Patches in my video.  Check them out!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Photos of one fantastic duet

Hey fabulous people!
I know, I know, it's been a month and I haven't posted anything.  I bit of a little more than I could chew with my chemistry and math summer courses along with teaching another anatomy class.  I made it through and collected two more A's to add to my pre-med basket but I certainly have missed posting my blog.

I continued to work on rehearsal for Sanspointe's next show and I want to share some new photos with you!  These are from a brand new duet between me and Michelle.  It is full of lifts, and rolls and I was so sore afterward.  I love how the two tallest dancers were the ones lifting each other!  My pump stuck with me through it all though.

Also stay tuned a two part video special I'll be filming while on my short vacation to my home country of Canada.  I just flew into Calgary Alberta this afternoon and am having a lovely time relaxing with my friends.  I'll be answering all the lovely questions I've been getting about my pump as well as how to insert a dexcom sensor on your arm without any help!  Yes, it's possible and easy!

Get excited!

Michelle and I are the same size!  I was sore from all those lifts!

I enjoyed this backwards jump

Michelle and I in my favorite pose.  My knee hurt for days!

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