Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to Make a Diabetic Ballerina

Hello fabulous people!

I've had people ask me what factors go in to making a professional dancer as well as how to manage my diabetes effectively.  Here are just a few snippets of what I do on a daily basis to keep myself healthy to continue doing the job I love.

So, how do you make a diabetic ballerina?  Besides taking a ballerina and punching her in the pancreas?  Watch my new Vlog and find out!

Music is a selection from Montana Skies

-Exit Stage Left


  1. Found your blog today thru a facebook link by Cure Diabetes. Read thru it with my little girl she's 7 and was dx'd type 1 when she was 5. She loves your blinged out meter/pump. Her's is blinged out too, but now she's ready to change it up some. She also loves your Diabetes bag, where did you get it? She asked me to "tell her I liked your Video thing and where does she get her pump case thing that holds her stuff?" She was also excited that you got a Tally Gear belt for Christmas just like her.

    1. Hi Amanda!
      That's awesome that you and your daughter are enjoying my blog. I am tickled pink that she likes my blinged out meter and pump. Like I always say, everything with better with sparkles...even good old diabetes. I actually went swimming with my pump today and the sparkles stayed on so maybe they'll stick around for a while.

      The diabetes bag that I have is made by a company called 50/50 Pharmacy and here's the website
      I used a StickMe Designs bag before and they have some really fun options too but I find the 50/50 sport cases hold up a little bit better to my hectic lifestyle. Here is their website

      I always find diabetes annoys me less when it's dressed up with a cute carrying case!
      Let your daughter know that I'm really happy she liked my video and there will always be more to come. I was able to check out your blog about her and she looks like a really sweet girl.