Monday, January 23, 2012

“You keep diabetes in your way and let me keep it in mine!”

“You keep diabetes in your way and let me keep it in mine!”
My quote was originally from Ebenezer Scrooge saying “You keep Christmas in your way and let me keep it in mine!” from Alistar Sim’s famous A Christmas Carol.  
This post has nothing to do with Christmas so if you’re in need of some post holiday eggnog this isn’t the blog for you!  
Since starting classes at UAB I’ve had the opportunity to meet new and exciting people.  My human anatomy class draws people from all walks of life and even a few diabetics.  On my second day of class a girl leaned precariously over my shoulder as I checked my blood sugar before class.  She said pointed to my overflowing pile of diabetes related gadgetry and said “Oh, me too”.  

I immediately dropped what I was doing, flashed a huge grin, and launched headfirst into my patented “YAY!  I made a new diabetes friend” conversation.  It is always the same.  I get excited, the other diabetic gets excited, we share information, give hugs, laugh about the stupid things people tell us and so on, but not her.  
I asked her what type she was, she hesitated and said type 1.  
I asked her if she had a pump, she said she used to, but not anymore and couldn’t remember the make of it.
I asked her what meter she liked to use, she couldn’t tell me.
I asked her what her favorite thing to treat lows was, she didn’t have anything specific.  
She was quiet and reluctant to talk about it, even though she started the whole conversation.  I eventually took the hint and promptly aborted the diabetes talk.  
I realized that she just didn’t want to talk about it.  She didn’t feel like connecting on the level that I am used to with other diabetics.  I’m not sure if she was ashamed or embarrassed.  We all have our reasons we act the way we do around our heath and that is A-ok by me.  Diabetes is such an individual condition and it makes sense that we all deal with if differently.  I think she just wanted to let me know I wasn’t alone in my battle and that’s all. 
So I smiled and told her if she ever needed anything that I was there for her.  Then we pulled out our notes for class and I let her keep her diabetes in her way and she let me keep it in mine.

-Exit Stage Left


  1. preach, sister, preach!

    i LOVE this! well said! :)

  2. And now I'm going to have a "YAY! I made a new diabetes friend." moment. I'm Victoria, graduated from Auburn and live in Huntsville. I found your blog through Best of the Betes. Hi! We live so close, and I'd love to get together next time I'm in Birmingham if you're up for it. YAY!

    1. Victoria, it's nice to meet you!
      Absolutely we should meet up next time you visit Birmingham! Hooray, I made a new diabetes friend! Add me on Facebook (Catherine Jane Vancak) and keep in touch!