Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gold Plated Dance

Accidentally ripping the crotch of my suit!
For the past two weeks Sanspointe Dance has been touring all over Birmingham giving showings of "The Golden Record"  While we dance on stage often, we decided to dance in libraries to help bring dance to the people.  I had the pleasure of dancing with them.  It was my first modern dance performance and I loved it.  Here are some photos as well as a review from the Birmingham News.  I did my usual tummitote belt hide my pump thing and besides ripping the crotch out of my paper hazmat suit there weren't any mishaps!  Enjoy!

You can see my pump!

If extraterrestrial dancers could respond to music from a distant blue planet, it might look something like Sanspointe Dance Company’s interpretation of “The Golden Record.”

A far-fetched notion? Of course. But Rhea Speights and Lynn Andrews’ choreography, as danced Tuesday at Avondale Library, had enough earthbound whimsy, physicality and poignancy to ignite the imagination.

The gold-plated copper phonograph record known as "The Golden Record" was sent into space in 1977 aboard two Voyager spacecrafts. A broad range of images and messages, greetings in dozens of languages, sounds of nature and music from around the planet are included. Its instigator, Carl Sagan, likened it to launching a bottle into a cosmic ocean.

Heading off into space!

Birmingham Public Library
Avondale Branch
Four stars out of five
For the 30-minute dance, Sanspointe settled on an eclectic selection of J.S. Bach, Blind Willie Johnson, and music from Peru, Senegal and elsewhere. Four white-clad dancers sent out “signals,” their arms searching like antennas in symmetrical motion to an ambient sonic hum.

**For the full review click here

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