Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to be a great patient

Right after acing my anatomy lab final exam!
As you know, I live a double life!  I'm half dancer half pre-med student and balancing my time can be a little crazy but very rewarding.  Stay posted for photos from my most recent modern dance performance next week!  

I really cannot wait to begin med school and start becoming a doctor.  Being a doctor has been my dream for as long as dance has been my dream.  With a medical degree I can return to my patients the inspiring healing that I experienced as a patient with diabetes.  Since a ballet career is time sensitive I tackled that first and am two years away from sleepless nights of studying and stress...oh wait, I do that now!  

So, for the month of May, when I'm not rehearsing for Sanspointe's newest show "The Golden Record", I have been donning my shiny doctor shoes, lab coat and curious mind and shadowing several doctors all over Alabama.  I absolutely loved it and what I experienced didn't scare me away from medicine!  I guess you could say that I'm an "embryonic" doctor.  I just listened, asked questions and learned a lot.  

Having type 1 diabetes myself I was hip to how the patients were feeling, mostly because I'm usually in their shoes.  I took mental notes as to how each doctor communicated with each patient as well as how the patient communicated with the doctor.  Since I'm not a doctor yet, but I am a professional patient, I thought I would share a few things I learned this month to help us be more effective patients!  Hooray!
Ballet bun+Lab Coat=Awesome!

  1. Medicine is a service industry.  You're paying the doctor to help heal you.  If you don't like the service you're getting then look for another doctor.
  2. Insurance is just as annoying for doctors as it is for us patients *groan*
  3. Be clear with how you're feeling.  If something doesn't feel right, talk about it
  4. Your life story may reveal a diagnosis, or be entertaining.  No harm in sharing!
  5. Always ask your doctor to wash their hands
  6. Write down every question you have before you head to the doctors
  7. If your doctor doesn't let you talk, or interrupts you, it's time for a new doctor
  8. Inform yourself!  50% of doctors I shadowed believe their patients should inform themselves.  The other 50% think is the root of all evil.  
  9. Doctors are running from patient to patient, one right after the other.  It feels like we're waiting forever in the office but they really are working at lightning speed
  10. Drug reps bring Starbucks.  This doesn't really help the patients, but it's sure darn tasty!      
-Exit Stage Left

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